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Once cited as a "prototypical entrepreneur," Michael Salame has literally built his entire executive career on that definition—even before the term “entrepreneur” came into common use. A high energy, fiscally conscious, and goal-driven technology executive, Michael Salame approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements.

Michael Salame began his career on a path that is rare among other executives. Having no degree of any kind Michael was born with a mind for business and loved numbers and when given the opportunity would turn any business from red to black in no time. Michael jumped at the chance to apply his business knowledge and skills to Franchise development, in 1987 Michael served as Director of Operations for A.T. Mallad Enterprises, a California based company that had over 10 National Franchises, such as Applebees, Baskin Robbins, Jiffy Lube, to include over 150 stores of Little Caesars Pizza. Michael had over 12 years of progressively responsible experience directing as many as 2,000 employees in companies with revenues in excess of $100 million. Michael has led these companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes.

In 1999, Michael's career took another leap forward when he decided to branch out and get involved with a variety of industries such as, including Nightclub promotions, Real Estate Investments and Beverage Distributions. Among his significant previous positions, Michael was the Executive Promoter/GM of Drai’s After Hours and Seven/Alysium After Hours with partner Tony Verdugo. They were a force to be reckon with. Both Michael and Tony took over the after hours night life in Las Vegas and were world renowned on their style and attitude in the Nightclub world. Michael was also a co-founder of Vegas Alliance with partner Gino LoPinto, a Las Vegas-based Promotions company that controlled several venues in major hotel and casinos.

Michael Salame jumped head first into the mortgage industry in 2002. With an ambition to open his own mortgage company Michael started as a loan officer and became a multi-million dollar producer. He assisted in marketing and training to increase volume and motivate other loan officers to their highest potential. Backed with the experience and the tools for success, the multi-million dollar Summit Home Loans hit the ground running in 2005 with the best technology the industry has to offer. Michael said, “the foundation of Summit Home Loans was built with dedicated mortgage agents who were committed to offering the highest standards of service to its clients. In order to guarantee this, we must also support our agents with the best tools to guarantee their success.” Michael liked to help others by sharing his knowledge and skills and would consultant numerous companies and would guide them in their decisions to grow their businesses.

Like many others in the real estate and finance industry's in 2008, Michael decided to break away from the industry and concentrate only on the beverage business. While the economic times were at on all time low and unemployment was on the rise, Michael did his research and found that the beverage industry was something that he was to do full time and put aside all the other business ventures.

Michael is currently working with a group of fitness-minded business professionals that are launching a Performance Supplement called Sportfit, a 4 in 1! performance supplement that will be the first and only advanced sports performance drink that provides an Energy Blend, Cardio Blend, Amino Blend and Fat Burner all in one ready-to-drink bottle. Nothing like this has ever been done before, Michael and NFC Nutrition will be taking this to the conventional market in 2011.

Today, Michael Salame resides with his wife and children in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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